About the company

The company Dot Holding OÜ was founded in 2015. Our goal is to offer corporate gifts that create value and bring up emotions. In our selection you will find mostly promotional products, event supplies and all kinds of other items that companies require in their daily operations. We work together with highly trustworthy companies all over the world and help businesses obtain products that make them succeed in sales!


We always have a friendly approach with our business partners. Our key words are flexibility and a personal relationship with our customers. We place the highest value on our customers and we are always working towards building long-term customer relationships, so that the partnership creates value for both parties.
We plan our work schedule flexibly, which means that we are often working on important projects late at night, so that the products you have ordered get delivered on time. It is no problem for us to answer your calls and emails after office hours have ended. We are always ready to work promptly.



Basically, we can say that we offer products starting from needles all the way up to haystacks. Our goal is to form partnerships with corporate clients – most of the time, this means that we do not sell products to individual clients (however, there may be exceptions in some cases). Most of our portfolio consists of promotional products and corporate gifts, but we are constantly expanding our selection, so that we are able to offer all kinds of items a company requires to do profitable business.
As a company, we are constantly improving. We are always on the lookout to find new and captivating products for our customers, attending business trade fairs and exhibitions and actively mapping out new factories. All the while we are constantly keeping an eye on new developments on the market.