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A Tradition of Excellence Since 2015

At Dot Holding OÜ, we are not just purveyors of corporate gifts; we are architects of emotions and creators of value. Founded in 2015, our company has become a trusted partner to businesses globally, providing promotional products, event supplies, and essential operational items that pave the way for success.

Your Partner in Success

Our relationship with our clients goes beyond transactions; it's a partnership based on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision. We believe in building lasting connections, tailoring our services to meet unique needs, and offering flexibility that stands out in the industry.
Constant development is at the heart of Dot Holding OÜ. We are tireless in seeking new and intriguing products, attending international trade fairs, exploring new factories, and staying attuned to market trends. Our growth is fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen eye for opportunities.

A Commitment to Growth and Innovation

Personal & Pleasant Business Partnership

Friendly, personalized, and adaptable, we work late into the night on vital projects to ensure timely delivery. Our doors and lines are always open, even beyond regular office hours. Our expansive portfolio ranges from the smallest of needles to the largest haystacks. We cater mainly to corporate clients, focusing on promotional products and corporate gifts but continually broadening our horizons. Your time matters to us, and our availability reflects our commitment to your needs.
We are driven by a mission to enhance and elevate your brand, fostering connections that resonate and endure. Our meticulously curated selection is designed to reflect your corporate identity, energize your sales, and create experiences that linger long after the event has concluded. At Dot Holding OÜ, we don't just supply products; we deliver solutions, creativity, and unmatched service, all wrapped in a pleasant business partnership that brings value to both parties. Join us on a journey where quality meets innovation, where partnerships flourish, and where every interaction is a step towards achieving profitable business.

Our Promise to You