15 summer promotional products your customers have been waiting for

15 summer promotional products your customers have been waiting for


Summer is the best time for staying active, and people tend to move around a lot. Weekends are spent relaxing at the beach or out camping. Vacation plans are made for longer trips. Moments spent in the gorgeous nature surrounding us are a true delight. A natural environment is a great change from the monotonous city life – escaping into the wild helps us truly relax after a stressful workday. Not to forget, the lovely weather offers the best opportunity for all kinds of sports activities that keep us fit and energetic.

While you are looking at the calendar and planning the next journey, or you are already putting on running shoes, keep in mind that your clients are doing the same. Think about all the equipment that is necessary for a successful day sunbathing or for a well-planned picnic. Where do you sit without a blanket or beach towel? As you are bound to become thirsty, what do you do without a water bottle? Why not add a unique personalized design to these essential items and increase your brand visibility?

The hot weather is truly a blessing for your company. Present your clients with useful and stylish summer products and you will get lots of advertising value! As a common rule, people appreciate compactness while walking around under the scorching sun. Bringing along things that are too large or heavy will get tiring quite quickly. Alternative carrying options such as waist bags and armbands for cell phones keep the hands free, so it is easy to drink from a water bottle, for example. On longer trips, it makes sense to carry some rain gear, as the weather can be unpredictable. When your clients get stuck in a downpour, they will surely be grateful that they can safely store their electronic devices in a waterproof bag and keep their clothes dry thanks to a high-quality umbrella.

One thing is certain: summer promotional items offer incredible brand visibility, thereby boosting sales and profits. Sports accessories are seen by tons of people throughout the day. If a jogger passes by, people are sure to take note of the logo embroidered on their cap. While dozing on the beach during daytime or sitting around a campfire in the evening, the companions of your customer will surely notice the captivating design on their promotional gear. Your clients will get the perfect opportunity to talk about your company and emphasize the usefulness of your products.

Below, you will find a selection of marketing gifts for making the summer season even more memorable for your customers. These are just some examples from our wide product selection – be sure to check out more!

Picnic blankets, waist bags and power banks

Travelling clan blanket

Tartan blankets are very popular with both women and men. This blanket is 100% acrylic, which makes it easy to wipe off any dirt or sand after use. It is easy to fold up and take with you, since it has a handy and stylish belt holder with straps made from PVC that resemble imitation leather.

APRIL. Waist pouch in 600D

Here is something your customers do not have to worry about any longer: important items falling out of their pocket during a busy day. This minimalist waist bag is great for both camping and commuting in the city. The April model does not only have a stylish texture. It is made extra-safe by the zippered pocket on the back of the pouch, which keeps the most valuable belongings close to the body, such as credit cards. Waist bags have a unique look that highlights the personalized design.

Bamboo 4.000 mAh wireless 5W Powerbank

Nowadays, mobile phones are nearly irreplaceable. This means you should definitely keep a wireless charging device at hand. This gorgeous power bank offers a multifunctional charging option. Your customers can use both the 5W wireless charging pad and the standard USB cable charging port. The powerful 4.000 mAh high-density lithium polymer battery can charge up the phone twice. Thanks to the indicators, your customers will always know how much power is left in the bank. The stylish casing is made from all-natural bamboo, making it an eye-catching and eco-friendly combo. After returning from a trip, this power bank looks great on an office desk, too. This allows your clients to introduce your brand to any potential business partners during working hours.

Beach towels, cooler bags and wireless speakers

Beach towel with pillow

Lying down for extended periods of time can be tiring to the neck. On the beach, we usually just roll up some clothes to put under our head. This soft cotton beach towel makes life much simpler: you will also get a comfortable pillow with it! To fold up the towel, simply roll it up around the cylinder-shaped pillow and fasten it with straps. Beach towels have lots of room for branding. Add a large logo to attract tons of attention. The more your customer goes swimming, the better!

SINGAPORE. Cooler bag 9 L

A day spent sunbathing on the scorching sand goes hand in hand with cold drinks. These are not only delicious, but also necessary, so that the body does not overheat. Your clients surely have their favourite drinks that make a trip to the beach just perfect. For a longer stay, it is a good idea to also bring some refreshing food. The cooler bag Singapore fits up to 9 litres – there is enough room for all the necessary snacks and drinks. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry. Smaller items such as sunscreen can be stored in the front pocket.

Wireless outdoor speaker

Music adds flavour to any party! We recommend this compact 3W wireless speaker because of its multifunctionality. Firstly, it is made from IP4 waterproof materials and can withstand a sudden shower, whether your customer is at the beach or deep in a forest. Secondly, this handy speaker will sustain the mood later in the evening as well. It has an integrated colour changing lamp that highlights the company logo printed on the speaker. Your business will certainly come up in conversation! The comfortable silicone strap makes it easy to hang the speaker on any branch or attach it to a backpack.

Raincoats, waterproof bags and umbrellas

PEVA raincoat

In case of a heavier downpour, raincoats offer better protection than light ponchos which may flap around in the wind and leak. This sturdy raincoat is made from PEVA-plastic. It has a hood and two frontal pockets, making it very useful during those unpredictable summer months. The raincoat is packaged in a compact bag that will not take up much room in your backpack.

Haru. Waterproof bag 10 L

Help your clients avoid soaking their equipment in heavy rain. Present them with a waterproof bag made from 500D tarpaulin that fits up to 10 litres of gear. The shoulder stap can be removed from the carabiner buckle. During summer, downpours are nearly impossible to avoid. This makes your branded waterproof bag a true lifesaver – and your customers will associate your company with safety for years to come.

Deluxe 20” foldable umbrella

When heading on a trip to nature, a high-quality umbrella is an essential accessory. For camping, it is much more convenient to bring a foldable umbrella that can be stored in a bag. This Deluxe 20-inch umbrella is slightly larger than regular compact umbrellas, giving it the advantage of better coverage from rain – it protects both the backpack and any other bags your customers might carry. In addition, it has better advertising potential, as a larger surface can fit an even bigger personalized design! This manual opening umbrella has a strong metal shaft, frame and tips. Its top and handle are made from PP-plastic and the cover from 210T polyester fabric.

Sports accessories, phone armbands and caps

Frisbee 23 cm

One of the easiest games to play almost anywhere is the common frisbee – at the beach, on a picnic and when taking a break from camping. Delightful entertainment for both younger and older players – and why not even unexpected passers-by. Your promotional message will be flying through the air along with the disk itself, and it is expected to land in unintended places from time to time. In any case, your customized design will be seen by many people. For a super cheap price, your company will be getting an exceptional amount of brand visibility!

CONFOR. Smartphone armband

Staying active is much more comfortable when your phone is not jumping up and down in your pocket all the time. However, many people enjoy listening to music whilst jogging. Safely attachable mobile phone armbands are the best solution for this problem. We have chosen the CONFOR model because of its reflective straps – these increase visibility and help your customers stay safe in the dark. Branded smartphone armbands are a great opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle for your clients.

Cotton baseball cap

Baseball caps make for classic corporate gifts that are gladly worn by both men and women. In summer, they can often be seen at the beach and on camping trips, not to mention on the street. If your client is wearing a cap with a cool company logo on it, chances are their conversation partners will notice it. We have highlighted a cap with reflective stripes for extra safety when jogging at night. This hat has 5 panels, 4 grey eyelets and an adjustable velcro closure. It is made from high-quality twill cotton.

Sports bottles, water bottles and thermal flasks

KORVER. Sports bottle 650 ml

Hot temperatures result in a great deal of thirst. Therefore, it is most useful to carry a handy water bottle. For sports activities, Korver is the ideal fit. Its aluminum body will retain the natural flavour of the drink. Some customers have said that they dislike it when their mouth touches the metal neck of the bottle. Korver does not have this issue: its neck is covered with neutral AS plastic. Thanks to the strap, it is also easy to transport. Print a colourful logo on the bottle and it will definitely catch the eye when your customer visits a gym. Capacity up to 650 ml.

Hydrate leak proof lockable tritan bottle

The innovative Tritan-material resembles stylish glass, but it is much stronger. In fact, it is more resistant to blows than metal – it does not dent! Give your customers the opportunity to get acquainted with this reliable material. Present them with a bottle that truly withstands being dropped. The elegant and sturdy cap of the Hydrate water bottle is made leak-proof by the buckled closure. With a handle for easy carrying. Capacity up to 600 ml.

Bamboo vacuum travel flask

The unique design of this vacuum flask is a true eye-catcher. Its interior is coated with 304 food-grade and rustproof steel. The exterior body is made from natural bamboo – an engraved logo will simply look great on it! This eco-friendly raw material will also help your company establish a sustainable corporate image. In this thermal flask, drinks stay hot for 5 hours and cold up to 15 hours. It comes with a convenient strap attached. Capacity up to 600 ml.