Advertising walls

Promotional walls and advertising walls make events much more memorable for the customers – companies all attest to their efficiency, and their prevalence is easy to notice. Promo walls are always present at events with elevated media interest. Celebrities and athletes are photographed in front of walls covered with logos. Charity and promotional events, galas, movie premieres and so on – photographers are eager to work in front of these backdrops. This does not mean that promo walls only serve a purpose for super important events. Add your company logo or the symbols of your sponsors on the fabric wall and use them at business fairs. Advertising walls make your exhibition stand more cheerful and professional. We recommend the classic solution of a sparse logo pattern, which works great in most settings. Promo walls are available in different shapes and sizes. How glamorous would you like the wall to be? Would you rather greet your customers with straight or curved walls? What is the specific layout you will be working with? A cool custom design is bound to end up in social media, too. All kinds of people like to take selfies in front of promo walls, as they add depth and dimension to even the simplest of snaps. Advertising walls are an excellent backdrop for motivational speeches as well. Receive your clients at the exhibition counter with a promo backdrop behind it. Add spark to your company stand and tell your story in a memorable way.

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