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Anti-theft backpacks

Unfortunately, nearly all us have some experience with thieves. If You travel a lot, the chances of running across a thief also increase. Many criminals are skillful with typical backpacks, knowing exactly where the zippers and pockets are located. Now there is the possibility to feel much safer both while travelling abroad and on the local train or bus: a unique and extra-safe anti-theft backpack! These impressive bags have lots of hidden zippers, making the life of pickpocket artists significantly harder. Anti-theft backpacks feature special cut-resistant materials such as hardened PP-boards that make it much more difficult to cut through the bag with a blade. Urban and Urban Lite backpacks have steel reinforced combination locks – a real headache for even the most professional thief. For women, we recommend the Elle Protective anti-theft backpack. This neat bag has an integrated loud alarm for scaring away any attacker. Furthermore, this alarm sends out an SOS-message via mobile phone. Take a look at all the options and choose an anti-theft backpack as a promotional gift. This is an excellent opportunity to make travel so much safer for Your customers!

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