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During the global Covid-19 pandemic, demand for disinfectants, face masks and other kinds of protective equipment has been steadily increasing. With one year of tragic circumstances behind us, most people have become vastly more knowledgeable about the different kinds of protective strategies. Your clients are much more aware of which solutions are more practical and effective for achieving a well-sanitized work environment. Some basics have stayed the same. Adequate hand hygiene, regular cleaning of surfaces and wearing high quality face masks are still the top priority. We would be glad to supply You with all the best antibacterial products for securing a safe and clean office. In addition to clinically tested protective equipment, we offer innovative solutions such as hygienic face mask holders and UV-light sterilizer boxes. Join in on the collaborative effort against this worldwide threat by selecting Your promotional gifts from our top-of-the-line product catalogue. In doing so, You will be creating long-lasting high trust business partnerships with Your clients, who all need the best protective gear they can get.

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