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Cosmetic bags

Compared to other types of bags that are used for promotional gifts, cosmetic bags have the most personal touch. On a regular backpack, lots of people will see the logo daily, but the cosmetic bag will more often stay on the bathroom shelf of Your client. The main value of this small bag is that it helps establish a certain kind of individual connection with the client, that is inaccessible with other types of bags. Everyone has their own essential hygiene supplies that they use daily, for example skincare products, cologne, cosmetics and so on. On a limited budget, toiletry bags offer the opportunity to start building Your brand on a smaller scale. If Your client likes the logo in a compact version, it is highly likely that they will eventually order larger merchandise from You as well – bags or clothing items. Your chances are the best if Your company itself is in the business of hygiene and cosmetics products. Keep in mind the intended demographic and choose these convenient bags in either more masculine or feminine color palettes.

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