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Exhibition stands

Are you looking for something truly memorable? Create a unique exhibition stand and potential customers will be swarming around your venue in no time. Choose either a standard solution or freely combine display items to your liking. Depending on the layout of the fair, you will probably have to plan the layout of your stand in advance, so as not to block the movement of guests. So be careful to check if the placement of your exhibition walls is already determined. In recent times, open layouts have become the most popular options for exhibition stands, as they are very accessible to customers. More people will pass through your stand, and they will not feel as if they are trapped in an enclosed area. Open space also has the effect of showing the open-mindedness of your company. If you choose a venue with more space, be sure to plan where you will be storing necessary equipment, as there is less room for boxes and such. It is also important to have an adequately-sized team on the spot, so that everyone with questions can be attended to by a staff member. More space on the floor means that you have more options for placing chairs and tables for sitting down with clients. Assembly is key. Many companies do not have enough manpower to set up time-consuming displays. Modular display products are the best bet, as these can be assembled and disassembled quickly, plus they are easy to carry. Choose display products in which you can easily switch the cover textile. This allows you to be ready for the next event too. Make sure to take advantage of light-up displays. Use LED lights and lightboxes to look professional and create a comfortable atmosphere inside the stand.

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