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Face covers

For stopping the spread of coronavirus, face masks are essential. A high quality mask stops the spread of droplets which are the number one source of the virus. By covering the mouth and nose with a protective mask, being in the same room will instantly become more secure for both You and others. In public spaces, face masks should be worn even when not feeling sick. As is known, Covid-19 does not affect everyone in the same way – for some people, this disease may not even show any symptoms. It is also very important to make changes in everyday patterns of behavior: overall, spend less time in public spaces, prefer working from home etc. The most efficient method of stopping the spread of the virus is to combine the regular wearing of a face mask with thorough disinfection of surfaces and adequate social distancing from others. Depending on how You or Your clients will be using them, choose either a disposable or reusable face mask with branding. An important step towards putting an end to this destructive virus.

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