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Hand sanitizers

If You think about it, there is no end to all the different surfaces You touch with Your hands during the day, and many of them could potentially be contaminated with a disease: doorknobs, light switches, hand railings, elevator buttons, restrooms, smart devices, even handshaking. It is clear to see that by regularly disinfecting Your hands, all kinds of dangerous pathogens can be eliminated, including coronavirus, which has regrettably caused a global pandemic. Sometimes, touching the face or eyes is an automatic movement, even if we try our best to avoid doing it. There is no need to take any risks – make sure You carry a handy disinfectant at all times. For You and Your clients, we offer compact sanitizing gels, alcohol-based wet wipes and soap sheets, which can be used under the sink with water, for example in a public restroom where the soap dispenser has run out. Give Your customers the opportunity to practice regular disinfection of hands by choosing the most valuable promotional gift – a sanitizer.

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