Hygiene barriers

One of the many problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic is the question of sufficient social distancing at the office. Before the crisis, employees used to sit quite close to each other, often across the table. How to create a safe working environment, when the office space itself is quite limited? Coronavirus tends to spread via droplets. This means that stopping the spread of droplets emitted while speaking is the most useful method of halting the disease itself, too. In open spaces, wearing a protective face mask is the best option, but at the office, being forced to wear a face mask for the whole day can be very exhausting for the worker, sometimes even dangerous. Transparent protective desk panels do the job very well, as they stop the most dangerous source of microbes when talking to a colleague. At the same time, You can still see the other person just the same, and You may even notice an additional positive effect of reduced office noise. Our protective screens are made from light polycarbonate and can be applied with ease, but they look like stylish glass! An ideal solution for any work desk.

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