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Lanyards are classic promotional gifts that remain popular for a number of great reasons. In crowded venues, customers can spot members of the organizing team from afar if they are wearing lanyards, as these are distinguishable by bright colors and centralized position on the chest area. Having identified a team member, the customers can approach them straight away in case they need any help, which makes the whole event more secure. Wearing lanyards is also a great idea at the worksite. Yes, it is true: lanyards may seem like a small deal, but your employees tend to be more productive wearing them. The reason for this is psychological. Lanyards create a sense of professionalism. Your workers will feel more connected to each other – it is a visual reminder that they are all on the same team. This is especially true for worksites without a strict uniform. In addition to an identification badge, lanyards can support other small items, such as a USB flash drive or even a cell phone. This is quite comfortable, as the item attached to the lanyard is readily accessible and does not get stuck to clothes. Keep in mind the material of the lanyard. Durable lanyards made from synthetic materials can last for years. All lanyards have one big positive aspect in common, though: there is enough room for printing your brand message, even if it is a longer sentence. In conclusion, lanyards are cost-effective corporate gifts that are great to hand out on any occasion!

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