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Paper bags

There are lots of reasons why paper bags are better than plastic bags. Firstly, paper bags are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They can later be used as trash bags and in the garden, for example, without having to worry about polluting the environment. If You package Your promotional gifts in paper bags, You will also tell Your customers that Your company cares for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Paper bags are safer for children and animals than plastic bags, which could be quite dangerous. Your brand image will gain a lot from using these eco-friendly bags made from paper. When walking on a street, both men and women who carry a paper bag look stylish and environmentally knowledgeable. It may be surprising, but high quality paper bags are sturdier than plastic bags – they are harder to poke holes in than soft plastic bags. Depending on the size of Your planned branded gifts, we will help You find paper bags of exactly the right dimensions.

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