RFID & Anti-skimming

It can be that You are not familiar with the concept of RFID technology. There are a few key aspects that make RFID wallets the safest on the market. In short, RFID means "radio frequency identification" and it allows the user to make credit card transactions without physically inserting the card in a terminal. The most typical examples of RFID are contactless payments. Waving the card makes paying for goods and services much quicker and for many of us, this is already our most common practice in every kind of store. Unfortunately, this technology is also popular with thieves. By using a special kind of skimming device, they are able to steal Your credit card data by just walking past You on the street! Even though this method only works with certain types of cards, it is wise to store all Your cards as safely as possible. RFID wallets and card holders are made from a unique antimagnetic material that blocks out all dangerous radio frequencies. This does not affect the look of the wallet: RFID pouches are as slim and stylish as regular minimalist wallets. Help Your clients protect their most valuable business cards by gifting them an RFID wallet or card holder for their phone.

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