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Writing with a roller pen feels quite different from a ball pen, and many people do prefer a roller. Though they can look similar, the liquid ink of roller pens is more watery than the ink of ball pens. For this reason, writing with a roller is less exhausting to the hand, since there is less friction with paper. This can make writing a lot more comfortable when You need to write long texts. Understandably, rollers are also much better for older people or those suffering from hand pains. Overall, writing with a roller is quicker, the hand movements being softer and more fluid. This also affects the writing style. As it is less viscous, roller ink will spread out more on paper, producing a thicker writing and less disconnected lettering. Sentences written with roller pens are easier to read and have a bolder character. Keep these technicalities in mind when making a decision between a promotional ball or roller pen. Just a reminder: when writing with a roller, the paper should not be too thin, since roller ink may penetrate it. Give some time for the ink to dry.

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