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During the last couple of years, the global pandemic has made visiting gyms problematic for many of us. Running is rapidly becoming the most popular sport, since it can be done alone and safely in nature. For jogging enthusiasts, phone armbands are an irreplaceable asset. They make it much easier to concentrate on the physical activity by eliminating the need to place your phone uncomfortably in the pocket. With a phone armband, you do not have to worry about credit cards or keys falling out, either – these armbands have special sleeves that fit small items! Your clients may prefer navigating the smartphone screen during exercising. In this case, armbands with transparent touch casings are optimal. Jogging during the evening is safer when wearing a phone armband with reflective elements, so that drivers can spot the runner from afar. The most important thing is choosing an armband that is large enough to fit the smartphone comfortably. Larger phones require armbands with a size of 6 inches or larger – you can find these below. Another aspect to keep in mind is moisture resistance. Waterproof armbands are the safest bet in case there is a sudden downpour. We also offer comfortable high-quality running earbuds.

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