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Sports bottles

A high quality sports bottle makes for a most practical promotional gift, with the additional bonus of promoting a healthy lifestyle. During the day, it is of the utmost importance to consume enough water, so that the mind stays sharp and the body effective, both at work and during sporting activities. Sports bottles are universal and stylish products which make drinking water much easier in all kinds of different situations. Also, Your clients will be able to spare valuable money and help the environment by opting out of cheap plastic bottles. In our product selection, You will find sports bottles made from highly innovative Tritan-material. In contrast to other types of plastic, Tritan looks a lot more like stylish glass, and it have been proven to be much stronger: actually, this material even has an advantage over stainless steel, since dropping it will not leave a dent! Furthermore, the drink retains its original flavor. Print an effective design on the bottle and You will get lots of marketing value as well, since it is guaranteed that the bottle will be seen daily by a lot of different people, along with Your brand logo.

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