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UV sterilization is a highly innovative technology for the physical elimination of microbes (bacteria, spores, viruses, cysts etc). In contrast to chemical disinfectants, UV light does not dissolve the shells of microbes, but leaves them intact after neutralizing them. This method of physical disinfection has several positives. To start off, there is no need to produce and transport dangerous chemical substances. With the process of chemical disinfection, several adverse effects may occur, including environmental pollution, allergic reactions, unpleasant odours caused by the chemical substance itself and so on. On the other hand, UV disinfection is completely safe for the environment and the user. You do not even notice the process, but in reality, it is more efficient than chemical sanitizing agents. Compact UV boxes turn off automatically, so You will not see any UV light when You open the device. Such an ultra-safe cleaning option would make a great addition to the office of Your customers, too. The UV sterilization boxes in our product selection neutralize pathogens on the surface of small objects. We also offer a UV-C humidifier, so that the air in the office is always of the best possible quality.

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