There is a steady trend of replacing single-use plastic straws with reusable straws made of other materials. Take part in this positive development and send the clear message that your company has taken global environmental issues to heart. Present your customers with an eco-friendly corporate gift! On the packaging of the straw, you can add a nice company logo. Would you prefer reusable straws made of metal or silicone? Metal straws look elegant and can be cleaned with a special brush included with the straw; they can be used with chilled drinks. Silicone straws have the advantage of being dishwasher safe. They are convenient to carry around, since silicone is flexible and will not break. Silicone straws can be used both with cold and hot drinks; they are suitable for children. Whichever you choose, multi-use straws are a great promotional gift for your customers and the ideal solution for your foodservice establishment.

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