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In summer, the blazing sun is enjoyable, but it also causes some problems. UV light strains the eyes and makes it hard to look far ahead in the distance. This means that we could all use a nice pair of sunglasses! High-quality sunglasses make it much easier to drive the car and engage in sports activities. Trendy glasses also help advertise your company if you choose to customize them with a logo. We offer all kinds of sunglasses with different shapes and colors. Choose a pair that is stylish, functional, and fun. What type of material suits your customers the best? For an eco-friendly look, we recommend wheat straw or wooden frames, which have a nice natural texture. Metal frames look formal, and your clients can wear them in a professional setting as well. Plastic frames are lightweight and comfortable – the ideal option when your customers need to move around a lot outdoors. We also offer different lenses. Polarized lenses reduce reflections and alleviate tension in the eye muscles when it is very bright outside. Polarized glasses can make it harder to look at electronic screens such as smartphones, though. Mirrored lenses reflect the maximum amount of light, and they look extra stylish. Keep in mind that they have to be cleaned more often than other types of glasses. Make sure to add a cleaning cloth in the gift package for your customers!

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