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Thermos flasks & bottles

If You are looking for thermal flasks to give out as promotional gifts, You are in the right place. Stainless steel double wall flasks retain heat thanks to vacuum isolation, which prevents the hot drink from coming into contact with air. Between the interior and exterior walls, the air is sucked out – thanks to this, a lot less heat is transferred to the outside environment. Thermal flasks with copper lining are the most efficient, since copper reflects back heat and helps distribute the temperature evenly throughout the vessel. High quality thermal flasks are very useful for coffee, which is the most popular drink in the world, second only to regular water. Think about all the situations where these flasks will come in handy: on a camping trip or overseas travel, for example. We offer thermal flasks in all kinds of different shapes. Choose the best solution for Your customers. For a multifunctional gift, we recommend the Durant set. In addition to the flask, You get two stainless steel mugs and a shoulder pouch for easy carrying.

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