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USB chargers & hubs

The USB ports on Your laptop are not the best solution for charging Your devices. When connected to a computer, mobile phones charge quite slowly, and if Your laptop runs on a battery, You must inevitably sacrifice some of the battery power for charging the phone. In addition, the number of USB ports on a laptop is limited. If You have already hooked up a USB mouse and external hard drive, for example, there may not be any free ports left at all. A high-quality USB hub solves all these problems. Firstly, USB hubs do the job much more quickly, since this device is charged directly from a wall socket power source. Secondly, USB hubs have a lot more ports than any laptop, so it is even possible to charge four or more phones simultaneously. USB hubs are ideal for Macbook users, because Apple computer processors require as much power as possible to work fast. USB hubs last a long time, but make sure to keep them safe and avoid any damage or dropping.

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