Kaubad.ee - Custom disc golf discs, frisbees and dog discs make the summer special

Custom disc golf discs, frisbees and dog discs make the summer special

Flying discs are memorable when they have a logo printed on them. Here are some ideas for disc personalization. All custom designs can be printed full color:

Team logo

Team photo, team member photo, dog photo

Team or team member name, competition number, country flag etc.

Canine clubhouse or dog competition logo

Company logo/slogan

Promotional campaign logo/slogan

Charity campaign logo/info

A memorable greeting, ex. for the company summer party

Custom disc golf discs

Disc golf – an outdoor sport for all generations. Activity in the great outdoors, fun from the very first moment and the shared experience with family and friends make disc golf a real favorite sport.

We offer a wide selection of disc golf discs. For different distances, discs with certain characteristics are used.

Putters are designed for the final decisive throw into the basket. They are the easiest and most precise to cast. But you cannot cover long distances with them. They usually have a high edge and a rather flat top.

Midrange discs do not have the range of the drivers, but they offer more control with their ability to hold special trajectories, so obstacles can be overcome with fewer throws.

When it comes to range, drivers are the first choice. With experienced players they fly over 100 meters and are therefore mostly used for the first throw from the tee pad. A flat profile and a lot of weight on the edge ensure high speeds and range, but at the expense of control.

Speed 1 – 14
Speed is the ability of the disc to cover distance. However, the possibility to “overthrow” the target can occur easily.

Glide 1 – 7
Glide describes the disc’s ability to glide in the wind. For beginners, discs with high glide values are easier to throw. Beginners who want to throw long distances should choose a driver with a high glide rating.

Turn +1 – -5
Turn is the tendency of the disc to drift to the right at the beginning of the flight phase (right hand with a backhand throw). A disc with +1 value shows this characteristic only slightly, whereas a disc with -5 will pull strongly to the right.

Fade 0 – 5
Fade is the tendency for the disc to tip to the left at the end of the flight phase (right hand with a background throw). 0 is the lowest value and means that the trajectory ends straight. A high value creates a strong hook to the left. Such discs are very reliable even in strong winds. Their trajectory is the easiest to predict.

As a rough guide, the lower the sum of turn and fade, the better the disc is suitable for beginners, as the flight path is relatively straight and stable.

The perfect disc for your team or an upcoming tournament. 

We print each disc also personalized. This means that each individual disc will be printed with individual details, such as: player name, player number, country flag, team name, etc. This ensures that each player gets his own personal disc. This gimmick is especially great for tournaments, but it is also ideally as a team disc.

The best part is, despite various personalized discs you’re paying the price for only a single motive – the personalization is done so for free.

UV direct printing: full colour photographic print on white or coloured discs.

Whichever possibility you choose just send us your 300, dpi proposal as a JPEG file.

Discgolf discs weigh between 135g and 180g. For different trajectories and distances, there are different disc profiles.

Discgolf Putter (white) → motif size 155 mm

Discgolf Midrange (white) → motif size 150 mm

Discgolf Driver (white) → motif size 135 mm

Mini Disc XS (white) → motif size 70 mm

The flight characteristics of the discs are divided into measures: speed, glide, turn and fade.

Price class 0.000

Custom frisbee Ultimate

Custom frisbees are excellent entertainment for both young and old, especially when the summer weather is great. Our frisbees can also be used for the sport Ultimate.

Ultimate Frisbee is a physical contactless sport in which all players follow the principles of the Spirit of the Game. Despite extremely high athletic performance, no referees are needed even in federal leagues and at world championships. Therefore, Ultimate Frisbee is considered the fairest team sport in the world.

In addition to fair play, condition, speed and throwing technique are required. Tactical thinking and making the right decisions at the right moment make Ultimate Frisbee a challenging competitive sport.

The perfect disc for your team or an upcoming tournament: More and more customers see the added value of an individual design on discs. UV direct print is a technology that enables us to apply a photographic full colour images or logos to the disc. For example a picture, the player’s name, number, country flag, team name, etc. Just send us your 300 dpi proposal as a JPEG file.

WFDF certified discs. Standardized and in top quality. Our frisbee discs are made of 100% renewable resources.

The frisbee is suitable to play the team sport Ultimate.

Additionally, we offer 100% BIO-plastic frisbees!

– 27,5cm diameter
– Flight stabilizing grooves
– Inward retracted edge to establish a cushion of air on which the wafer slides quasi.

Photo print:

  • fast, cost-effective, highly scratch-resistant colors
  • suitable for single or multicolor printing
  • almost unlimited design possibilities

We offer the following disc colors for custom printing on Ultimate discs (175g):

Multicolor logos or images → print on white disc.

Single color logos/graphics in black → print on white, neon yellow, neon green or orange disc.

Single color logos/graphics in white → print on black, dark blue or red discs.

Size of the motif: 180 mm or 210 mm.

Price class 0.000

Custom dog discs

Print the canine club logo or a full color photo of your dog on the disc!

A meadow with soft and even ground without holes is suitable as a training ground. Dogs enjoy catching a disc when they are adult, have a normal weight, strong bones and are overall healthy.

“Disc dog” is simply explained as playing frisbee with the dog. The handler lets the disc fly, the four-legged friend catches it from the air and brings it back. Endurance, reactions and speed are trained in a playful way. A positive side effect: the shared fun strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Keep in mind that the dog should not be too young, a very heavy breed or have a weakened bone structure.

Special dog discs are made of unbreakable materials. They are suitable for throwing, the disc is flexible and has no sharp edges.

These discs are perfect for discdogging competitions.

It is possible to print a full colour custom design on the dog frisbee. Please send a 300 dpi JPEG file.

Price class 0.000