Kaubad.ee - Display products that make your company stand out from the crowd

Display products that make your company stand out from the crowd

Promotional display products are a great opportunity to create a visual identity for your company. You can use different kinds of display equipment strategically, so that your clients can understand what the main business values of your company are, just by looking around in your exhibition box.

For example, using lots of open space in your venue area has an effect on the customer. They perceive of your company as being open for new opportunities and accessible to everybody.

By using illuminated poster frames, you can show that you are confident in what you are able to offer to the customer, and that you are proud to display your entrepreneurial achievements.

Light-up fabric walls can be seen from afar, and they leave a modern impression of your company. People sense that you are keeping up with technology – and that you also value social media presence, as you will surely get recognition when someone takes a selfie in front of a promotional LED wall with your company logo on it.

Different shapes can be utilized in the same way. Use round and wavy promo walls to show off the energetic side of your company. Unusual and interesting solutions send the message that you are not afraid of being unique and taking risks.

Take a look at our wide selection of custom display products. We will help you combine the best possible exhibition stand!

Promotional flags

Telescopic advertising flags are an effective way of introducing your company. They are available in different shapes, for example surf flags/wind flags that are bent at a wider angle. We also have lots of different flag pole bases in our selection: square-shaped metal bases, water tanks that can be filled up on the spot and are thus easier to carry along etc.

In addition to being sturdy and reliable, promotional flags have the huge advantage of being easy to assemble and carry. Your employees are able to set up the flags fast, leaving more time for other important things.

Promotional flags made from lighter material are ideal for outdoor events, as they are resistant to high winds. Choose on of the taller poles and place it next to a highway, for example, so that people are able to notice it from a distance.

If you plan to use the flag indoors, take note of the height of the ceiling. The positive side is that your promo flag will not be an obstacle for customers walking about in the hallways, since the flags have a slim design.

You will be getting a lot of attention for your brand at a low cost!

Pavement signs

Everybody reads signs, it’s almost automatic for us. Outdoors display signs are very popular with restaurants and cafés; they like to place their boards on the sidewalks. Pavement signs are great for writing menus and advertising a low-price lunch offer.

Use pavement signs to create an eye-catching and memorable image, even if your company is small. These boards are lightweight and easy to install, not to mention durable: change the canvas of the board and you’re ready to go for the next event.

Exhibition stands

Are you looking for something truly memorable? Create a unique exhibition stand and potential customers will be swarming around your venue in no time. Choose either a standard solution or freely combine display items to your liking.

Depending on the layout of the fair, you will probably have to plan the layout of your stand in advance, so as not to block the movement of guests. So be careful to check if the placement of your exhibition walls is already determined.

In recent times, open layouts have become the most popular options for exhibition stands, as they are very accessible to customers. More people will pass through your stand, and they will not feel as if they are trapped in an enclosed area. Open space also has the effect of showing the open-mindedness of your company. If you choose a venue with more space, be sure to plan where you will be storing necessary equipment, as there is less room for boxes and such. It is also important to have an adequately-sized team on the spot, so that everyone with questions can be attended to by a staff member. More space on the floor means that you have more options for placing chairs and tables for sitting down with clients.

Assembly is key. Many companies do not have enough manpower to set up time-consuming displays. Modular display products are the best bet, as these can be assembled and disassembled quickly, plus they are easy to carry.

Choose display products in which you can easily switch the cover textile. This allows you to be ready for the next event too.

Make sure to take advantage of light-up displays. Use LED lights and lightboxes to look professional and create a comfortable atmosphere inside the stand.

Advertising walls

Promotional walls and advertising walls make events much more memorable for the customers – companies all attest to their efficiency, and their prevalence is easy to notice. Promo walls are always present at events with elevated media interest. Celebrities and athletes are photographed in front of walls covered with logos. Charity and promotional events, galas, movie premieres and so on – photographers are eager to work in front of these backdrops.

This does not mean that promo walls only serve a purpose for super important events. Add your company logo or the symbols of your sponsors on the fabric wall and use them at business fairs. Advertising walls make your exhibition stand more cheerful and professional. We recommend the classic solution of a sparse logo pattern, which works great in most settings.

Promo walls are available in different shapes and sizes. How glamorous would you like the wall to be? Would you rather greet your customers with straight or curved walls? What is the specific layout you will be working with?

A cool custom design is bound to end up in social media, too. All kinds of people like to take selfies in front of promo walls, as they add depth and dimension to even the simplest of snaps.

Advertising walls are an excellent backdrop for motivational speeches as well. Receive your clients at the exhibition counter with a promo backdrop behind it. Add spark to your company stand and tell your story in a memorable way.

Roll-up banners

Roll-up banners are lightweight and compact, which makes for easy carrying and storage. Roll-ups are ideal for business venues and conferences, also in stores and for advertising sports events. Increase your sales substantially!

Our banners will make a nice impression at a low cost. Have no doubt, roll-ups get noticed: even if the passer-by does not read the whole message written on the banner, they will get a glimpse of your logo, slogan and main pictures. As you are creating the custom design, keep in mind where you will be placing the sign, its dimensions and what the target demographic is like.

Our roll-up banners have a durable frame and textile cover. Check our selection!

Exhibition counters

Exhibition counters have an all-around personalized canvas with a durable textile print. The frame is sturdy, yet the counter is easy to assemble. Leave a most professional impression with an eye-catching counter. We offer standard models and LED-illuminated counters, which look more exclusive and get noticed from far away.

Brochure holders

Brochures, catalogues and leaflets are essential in creating a respectable image for your company. Printed information looks valuable to the customer, and they can easily put one in their bag and bring it home at business fairs. In addition to carefully planning the layout of the brochure itself, the placement of the brochure stand is also of importance.

The cleaner and more organized your company looks at the fair, the better. Papers can not simply lay around randomly on tables. They should be organized neatly on the shelves of a high-quality brochure stand, and placed in such a way that everyone who passes by can help themselves to a copy of your latest catalogue. The brochure stands in our selection are lightweight, reliably sturdy and easy to assemble.

Poster frames

Posters are the best option for getting the most important company info out there efficiently. Add a high-quality poster frame and make your message stand out from your competitors!

In an instant, everything looks more professional if it is placed inside a frame – what a great tool for increasing brand visibility! Create varied and thought-provoking custom designs and your customers shall be eager to make that purchase. Keep in mind that the poster should be easy to read: your customers should be able to grasp the most important info (logo, slogan, pictures) even if they are simply walking by your stand in a hurry.

If possible, hang up poster frames strategically in places where people are sitting down, relaxing or waiting in line. This will maximize your brand visibility. Here are some establishments that are great for poster advertisements: bars, lobby rooms, restaurants, clubs, and even restrooms.

Take into account how large the walls are. There may be restrictions on the size of the poster frame.

The main advantage of a poster frame is that it is super easy to switch the poster – our frames will be at your service for years to come!

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