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Kunagone natural repellents

Kunagone keeps away martens, moles, wild boars and stray cats!

Kunagone was invented as a unique and easy tool to protect gardens and greenery from wild animals. Homeowners were looking for an affordable and effective alternative to other products on the market.

The patented Kunagone repellents disperse the smell of dogs, which acts as a deterrent to wild animals, including martens. Tie the repellent bags in the places needing protection, and your property will be safe! Kunagone stays effective for many months.

Composition of the Kunagone marten repellent:

– a mixture of hair from several dogs of different breeds subjected to heat treatment,
– a fragrance composition for deterring wild animals,
– wax that prolongs the action of the product.

The dog hair used in the production of Kunagone is obtained from selected grooming salons.

NEW! Get rid of mosquitoes and clothes moths!

The Kunagone natural mosquito repellent has a citronella scent, which people like and mosquitoes hate!

The Kunagone natural moth repellent has a lavender aroma, which gives your wardrobe and clothes a refreshing aroma and gets rid of moths at the same time!

Kunagone marten repellent

Kunagone’s patented natural marten repellent keeps martens away from cars and households.

Martens are afraid of dogs, which are their natural enemy. Due to the fact that martens get into hard-to-reach places, e.g. under the hood of a car or in the attic, a good way is to use a natural and easy-to-install dog scent repellent made from dog hair.

Assembly takes only 2 minutes and requires no tools. Kunagone must not be placed too close to the moving and heating parts of the engine. In the case of attic protection, the appropriate number of products should be placed in the room, depending on the size.

The effect of Kunagone has been confirmed in 12-month studies and trials.

The product is available in three formats: individually, in a 6-pack and in a larger box containing 24 pieces of natural Kunagone repellent + FREE extras (a set of frames for license plates, car fragrance).

Kunagone mole repellent

There are many ways to get rid of molehills. Some of them, however, are inhumane or may be harmful to greenery. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use the natural Kunagone repellent, which allows you to get rid of unwanted guests and prevent the return of moles. Safe and harmless to animals and plants.

Kunagone is a product that uses the scent of a natural enemy (dog) to scare away animals. Moles cannot stay in a place where they sense the presence of dogs for long, so applying Kunagone in molehills is an effective way to get rid of unwanted guests from the garden. At the same time, Kunagone is completely safe for greenery and does not harm any animals. It works great in gardens, green areas and sports grounds.

How to use the product:

Firstly, Kunagone should be removed from the foil. Then, put the bags inside the molehill canals and cover them with soil.

The Kunagone mole repellent is available in a 2-pack and a 10-pack version.


Kunagone cat repellent

Kunagone for cats is a Polish repellent that allows for effective and humane removal of stray cats. It is a patented product that will solve problems with these animals in the garden and other places where their presence is undesirable.

The package includes 2 bags with a natural repellent.

Kunagone works by releasing the natural smell of dogs. Stray cats and other animals avoid places where they have to deal with dogs. Therefore, the use of the repellent will create a protective barrier in the garden, gazebo and in other places. You will get rid of stray cats for many months! The Kunagone cat repellent stays effective from 3 up to 6 months.

How to use the product:

Remove the Kunagone repellent from the double-sealed foil. Use two strings to tie the bag to a place where the presence of stray animals is undesirable. Constantly monitor that the Kunagone pouches are still in the right place. If missing, apply another bag.

Kunagone wild boar repellent

Kunagone for wild boars allows you to effectively scare away wild boars and other animals, such as foxes and squirrels, that roam in the garden. It is a patented Polish product that is based on natural fragrances and is completely safe for both humans and animals.

The package includes 10 bags with a natural repellent.

The product gives off a dog odor which prevents wild animals (such as wild boars, foxes, squirrels and others) from approaching the areas where it was placed. Thus, thanks to Kunagone, you can set up a protective barrier against wild animals. The product is effective for approx. 3 months.

How to use the product:

Pull the repellent out of the double-closed foil and use two strings to mount each bag in the appropriate place. It is best to put the bags in a dry spot that is not exposed to rain and moisture. The product can be used on fences and other types of barriers or sticks set up in the garden with a special roof.

Kunagone mosquito repellent 1-pack

The Kunagone citronella scent bag works as a deterrent against mosquitoes!

Tie the mosquito pouch to your backpack and go on your journey. Mosquitoes attack you while hiking and thus effectively take away the joy of hiking? The Kunagone pouch will help in the fight against them!

Attach the bag before entering the tent – and the insects will not come close to your camping site. It will allow you to fall asleep in silence. No more unpleasant buzzing.

Use the bag on the terrace or balcony. Relax in one of your favorite areas of the house without being disturbed by insects. Put up an effective weapon to spend time reading your favorite book in peace. It really works!

The package contains 1 piece of natural repellent.

Ingredients: fragrance blend in the form of granules with citronella oil. Operation time: up to 30 days.

The secret of the Kunagone anti-mosquito pouch is citronella. Do you like this fragrance? It’s characterized by a very refreshing and crisp citrus smell. Yes, it is pleasant to us humans, but not to mosquitoes. Insects hate it, so the bag and its surroundings will be avoided like fire! In Kunagone we used a fragrance blend in the form of granules with citronella oil – it is a very effective and safe solution for you!

Kunagone moth repellent 1-pack

Do you like a pleasant smell when you open your wardrobe? Are you afraid of moths that might damage your clothes? All the fragrances you put in your wardrobe disappear after a short while and do not protect against pests?

Clothes moths are insects that very often appear in our homes, destroying garments in the wardrobe and laying eggs. How to avoid them? With Kunagone against moths! This is our new product – a scented bag in the form of granules with lavender oil. Hang it in the wardrobe and you are done! The product is sold in the form of a hanging bag, which makes it very easy to install.

Composition: fragrance mixture in granulated form with lavender oil. Shelf life: 3 years.

The package contains 1 piece of natural repellent. Duration up to 90 days.

Did you know that lavender has a calming and stimulating effect? Aromatic compounds contained in it have a calming effect on the nervous system. It is worth taking care of the aroma of the interior at home – lavender relieves the effects of stress and nervous tension and, what is equally important, it will help you fall asleep. On the other hand, if you feel very tired and weary, the scent of lavender will help you stimulate your mind to be active. The aroma of this beneficial plant shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe.

Also available in 250 ml and in a box (12 pc).

Kunagone for dogs and cats is a new repellent – with which you can effectively protect the area against animals. It will end the problem of unpleasant smells and dirt in the garden (on paths, by the fence, gazebo). It’s made of 100% natural ingredients (mainly chili peppers).

Pets very often have their favorite places that they are happy to mark or nibble on. As a result, the owners (or their neighbors) lose newly planted bushes or fragments of an expensive fence. You have the same issue? Relax, we have a solution for that! It is safe and most importantly – really effective!

Spray it in the garden: Along the fence (wooden, concrete, synthetic), along thresholds, on paths and alleys, on terraces, walls, cages, in gazebos, in front of the entrance door.

The preparation is natural and safe – we used natural chili peppers pressed in a water emulsion. These produce a pungent smell and aftertaste – unbearable for dogs and cats. No more unpleasant odors and damage to your property!

Kunagone is very efficient – it is enough for about 500 sprays. After use, it works for about 3-4 weeks. In case of rain – it is worth using it again.

  1. Shake it up. Before use, the product should be shaken well.
  2. Open it up. Turn / twist the washer head so that the product is unlocked.
  3. Use. Spray the selected surface / area. It is enough to spray the places where pets willingly return.
  4. Watch. Dogs and cats leave no dirt in the garden? Great! If they keep coming back, spray the area again.
  5. The garden defence has been activated. Working time up to 4 weeks.
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