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Personalized mugs for every customer

Custom mugs are excellent promotional gifts that can be put into use immediately. Personalized mugs have direct value – they serve their purpose daily, at home and in the office. We all have our favourite drink that tastes the best in a mug, even if it is just water.

Studies have shown that the average person drinks about 5 cups of hot drink per day. Firstly, this means that the company logo you print on the mug will be seen by the customer very often. A comfortable and high-quality mug creates a sense of loyalty in the customer: it forms an association between your company and the pleasant drinking experience, which means that the customer is more likely to trust you in business matters as well. With coffee, the connection with energy is clear to see. As they drink coffee from the personalized mug, your customers will feel as if your company is giving them extra power too.

Secondly, the personalized design gets noticed by quite a lot of other people besides the customer. In the office, they can serve coffee for business clients, so that the customer also gets the opportunity to present the cool mug design and your company message.

Everyone has that one special mug in their kitchen cupboard which carries a lot of sentimental value; surely you do too, even if you cannot recall where exactly you acquired it. Mugs are something that you do not simply throw away. If you take good care of the custom mug, people may see the company logo for decades to come. Mugs are often passed on to friends and family, so they can have many different owners, each one of them your potential customer.

Mugs come in all kinds of variations, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits every taste. Think about the design of the mug: would you like to give your customers something modern-looking, such as a glass mug, or would they prefer an old-school solution, for example a vintage enamel mug? We also offer mugs with spoons and plates.

Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs are produced from clay at lower temperatures than porcelain mugs. Ceramic is porous, which results in a benefit: since the air that is trapped between the pores does not conduct heat easily, the drink will stay hot for a longer time than in a porcelain mug, which loses heat faster. To the touch, ceramic feels rougher than porcelain, and it has a more everyday look to it. Ceramic mugs have thicker walls than porcelain mugs, and they are also heavier. However, ceramic mugs tend to have wider and more comfortable handle than porcelain mugs. If you are looking for pocket-friendly mugs that are cozy and handy to drink from, ceramic mugs are a great option.

Up to 200 ml

Up to 300 ml

Up to 400 ml

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Porcelain mugs are also made from clay, but at higher temperatures than ceramic mugs, with some additives that make the process more time-consuming. Therefore, porcelain has a finer, glass-like texture and is more expensive than ceramic. Porcelain mugs have slimmer walls than ceramic mugs and are lightweight. When you touch porcelain, you can feel its refined and smooth texture. Looking at the porcelain mug, its exclusive design is clear to see, so it works great for fancy occasions and dinner parties, especially translucent porcelain. Ceramic mugs are easier to chip, for example in the kitchen sink, since they are porous; porcelain mugs are more resistant to such small abrasions. Porcelain mugs do not get stained as easily either. If you are looking for something exclusive, we recommend porcelain mugs.

Up to 300 ml

Up to 400 ml

Over 400 ml


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Enamel and metal

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