Custom building blocks

Custom building blocks

Explore the expansive universe of Building Blocks – miniature construction pieces that unlock a vast array of creative and advertising potentials. offers an extensive selection of over 300 standard items immediately available from stock, allowing you to choose in small quantities and amplify your advertising impact. For a tailored touch, we can craft a unique model for you, starting from a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 pieces, complete with customized instructions and packaging. Note that custom zip bags require an MOQ of 10,000 pieces. Our dedicated design and service team is eager to assist in realizing your personalized model. We stand firmly behind the quality of Building Blocks, providing a 5-year warranty and a complimentary spare parts service for end-users.

The images provide you with a variety of examples that illustrate the simplicity of creating custom block sets from

STEPS FOR CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTS To initiate, we need detailed artwork of your product (JPEG format is sufficient). The model is then crafted within our 3D program, and we ascertain the necessary quantity and colors of blocks, coupled with your chosen packaging to prepare a sample. Upon sample approval and finalization, expect a delivery timeline of approximately 16-18 weeks.


Crafted from premium ABS plastic and undergoing rigorous quality checks, our blocks range in size from a minuscule 4 x 4 x 5 mm to a substantial 32 x 7 x 5 mm. Offering 11 distinct shapes and sizes, almost any model can be realized. Our color palette boasts 23 unique tones, including two transparent options, ensuring a broad spectrum of possibilities. Please note that custom coloring is not available, and the provided PMS tones are approximate guides.

Our assortment includes wheels in two sizes, adding mobility and a touch of realism to your models. The wheels, like all blocks, are easily attachable. Additionally, our versatile joints allow for movable parts in your creations, enhancing the dynamic nature of figures, machinery, and more.

REPACKAGING OPTIONS provides various repackaging choices to suit your needs. Options include a postcard, zip bag, or gift box, each selected in collaboration to best represent your model.

POSTCARD PACKAGING: Versatile and suitable for giveaways or direct mail. Starting from 1,000 pieces, both the postcard and model can be custom-designed. The maximum brick count is around 150 due to space constraints. The standardized postcards are post-friendly, with building instructions inside. Enhancements like logo stickers and text labels are available for our standard range with a minimum print run of 100 pieces.

ZIP BAG PACKAGING: Ideal for smaller models with a maximum of 190 bricks. The kit includes building instructions, with cover customization available from 1,000 pieces. Logo stickers are an optional add-on. For a fully personalized zip bag design, a MOQ of 10,000 pieces is required, accommodating various models in different runs. Alternatively, label our standard range with your design for as little as 100 pieces.

GIFT BOX PACKAGING: Available in size S (approx. 130 x 150 x 40 mm) for up to 500 bricks, and size M (approx. 160 x 180 x 40 mm) for up to 1,000 bricks. This option is perfect for larger models or sets. Customer-specific design is available from 1,000pcs, with each box containing a kit and customizable build instructions. Stickers for model decoration post-build are included, with the option to refine our standard range with additional stickers from a minimum of 100 pieces.

Choose Building Blocks for an exceptional, personalized building experience, complete with a variety of packaging options to showcase your unique model.

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