Reflective drawstring bags

Bag 1:

100% polyester, a perfect alternative for traditional reflectors. The bags have reflective surface polyester and a thick black cord. Perfect for a gymnastic outfit or as a reflective cover for a backpack. Modern design. The material is completely reflective. Weather resistant. Individual printing possible.

Dimensions: 37 x 38 cm

Bag 2:

Bags have 1 reflective surface another side; with diamond lace fabric, dark blue
– material: reflective polyester (at least 210D) covered with waterproof layer;
– extra pocket with zipper;
– compliance of the reflecting element with the requirements of EU Regula on 2016/425;
– CE marking

– dimensions: 33,5 x 44 cm
Bag 3:
Reflective backsack made from plain knitwear 120 g/m2.
Striking colors, reflective stripes with CE certificate.
Corners stregthened with metal rings, equipped with reflective material.
Ideal for a gym uniform or as a reflective case for the backpack.
Dimensions: 33 x 38 cm.
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