ShakerX Premium Sports Shaker 700ml

ShakerX Premium Sports Shaker 700ml

Based on the latest trends and technology in the design of forms, we have designed a Shaker with perfectly smooth surface inside and a rounded bottom, which guarantees 100% mixing of the content without the use of a strainer, ball, etc.

Shaker is produced from certified material, free from toxins, lead and BPA which makes it safe to use. Both, the materials used during the production process and the whole production is in line with EU standards, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Shaker is certified by PZH for contact with food, which is accepted by all EU countries. Additionally, in the production process the d2w® BIO component was used, which causes the oxo-biodegradation of the product.
The high quality of Shaker is proved by the Eco-production process in Bio-Based technology, which makes Shaker an Eco product, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Shaker has been optimized in terms of handle and functionality. It can be operated with one hand and fits most cup holders. At the shaker modeling stage, modern tools were used
to simulate the behavior of the liquid, which guarantees the product perfect stability.
Shaker has the capacity of 700 ml, the container has a measuring cup that allows the measurement of the liquid. The product has a matte and glossy surface in line with the latest trends. A massive and tight cap with an additional handle guarantees functionality, leak-tightness and impact resistance.

In order to guarantee 100% leak-tightness, we have used a modern and innovative solution for all, the screw cap, the thread and the closure. Our innovative technology is based on the use of two types of plastic, the cap is made of hard plastic and the closure is made of soft plastic. This provides us with a guarantee of a perfect fit of the closure with the cap, therefore 100% leak-tightness.
In addition, we used a double thread to reduce the number of turns when opening and closing Shaker, which affects its functionality and overall leak-tightness.

• Shaker for Sports people
• Produced from certified material
• PZH certified for contact with food
• d2w® certified for oxo-biodegradation
• Large and visible printing area, 360 print
• Capacity measuring cup
• 100% durable print
• 100% leak-tightness

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