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Unique plastic cards

Create a truly unique card for you company – a business card, client card, gift card, contactless card or employee ID card.

There are many options for personalization. Here are some ideas:

– laminate of plastic cards

– snap off card | 3 key chain tags

– hole (round, oval, euro hole)

– custom shape and size cards

– spot varnish, glossy or matte

– signature strip

– barcode

– embossing

– scratch-off panel

– magnetic stripe

– contact memory chip

– contactless chip

– hologram

– print visible in UV / IR

Business cards

Available in all sizes!

Business cards in a form of laminated plastic cards are uniqueness and they stand out a very high graphical quality and ingenuity. Moreover the standard business card may have additional options like transparent core, metallic background, matt finish and spot varnish what makes the business cards a little piece of art. These cards often increase the prestige of the company, ennoble it in the eyes of customers and inspire confidence.

Business cards

Access control cards

Plastic cards equipped with an information carrier intended for automatic reading in electronic devices to identify the holder.

You can find examples in: access control systems, where only the authorized people have the right to reside in certain areas (e.g. hotel rooms, laboratories, warehouses), or the use of specific devices (computers, photocopiers, etc.). time attendance systems, requiring employees to record daily entry and exit from the workplace, which allows for greater control of actual hours worked and the corresponding adjustment of wages.

Due to some weaknesses in the use of cards in access control systems (the possibility, that the card will be lost or use by a third party), to increase security of the system there are also few methods of biometric identification (voice recognition, fingerprint, retina) recommended.

Access control cards

Loyalty cards

A loyalty card may contain various elements. The use of some of the additional options may require the use of additional devices: computers, readers, printers.

Loyalty cards supports the acquisition of new customers and motivates those regulars to buy regularly.

✔ increased shopping frequency,

✔ higher turnover,

✔ the company is distinguished from the competition,

✔ improvement of customer relations,

✔ more attractive offer for the customer,

✔ simpler promotional campaigns

Loyalty cards

Gift cards

Gift Card is mostly a laminated plastic card with printing with a value that you can pay in a shop instead of real money. The range of amounts as well as places where we can realize the card sets card issuer. Another value printed on the card is service, for example care service in the beauty/hair salon. Gift card can contain different elements. Most often it is a magnetic stripe, barcode or/and embossed number.

Benefits of gift cards:

✔ Plus for undecided customers, it is easier to give a gift card so that the recipient chooses the best gift for himself.

✔ In the case of a return of the product, the return can only take place on the gift card, so that the customer can shop again.

✔ Gift cards are useful for contests in which the prize will prompt the customer to visit the store.

Gift cards

Accessories for events

When planning a conference, trade fair, outdoor event, forum or festival, it is necessary to include the order of badges Plastic, laminated and usually personalized, with interesting and eye-catching colors, having a hole to hang it on a leash …. The specification of such identifiers can be very simple or complex.

Due to the high quality of offset printing, identifiers may have security in the form of micro printing – small text visible through a magnifying glass or guilloche – a pattern difficult to counterfeit consisting of curves in various combinations. Moreover, the manufacturer can put a hologram on the plastic identifier, which will additionally protect the product against counterfeiting.

Accessories for events

Eco-friendly plastic cards

If you are looking for ecological and sufficiently durable cards, we have something for you. The card made of eco material looks like the one produced of normal PVC. Protection for the environment!

There are two types of eco friendly cards – cards on recycled and recyclable material, and cards made of biodegradable material – ecological material that contains a special addition that makes the card degradable. In result the time of the decomposition of such a card is much, much shorter.

Eco-friendly plastic cards

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