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Wireless chargers

As you have certainly noticed, all new phones have a built-in wireless charging option. This has become a huge trend – customers are simply loving it! Their lives have become much more convenient, now that there are less cables dangling around all the time; wireless chargers also look stylish. Technically speaking, there are two different types of wireless charging: inductive and magnetic resonance. Both are completely harmless to the user, since the power is generated inside the device. Inductive charging uses magnetic coils – these must be positioned really close to the phone to work efficiently. Magnetic resonance is more flexible and has a wider charging area, but may not be as fast. In addition to the charging speed, there are other factors to be taken into consideration: some chargers are multifunctional (ex. an integrated power bank, desk light or pencil holder). Also, be sure to check out our wireless chargers made from eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and wood.

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